Configuration TAB Frontend  settings

Activate maintenance?

Notice for visitors







Component description

Footer text


Display Category listbox in header?

Also include a link for 'Uncategorised Only'

Also include a link for 'All Downloads'

Show category info?

View download detail page?

Use files title as download link?

Show page navigation at the top?







Show page navigation at the bottom?

Show page navigation for subcategories?

Number of Subcategories/Page

Show empty categories?

Show empty categories message?

View sort option in the header?

View back button?

View Download icon and text?

Remove title if it is empty?

Remove empty HTML tags?

Use jDownloads Lighbox function?

Activate support for all Joomla content plugins?

Plugin Support only for descriptions?

Use titles in SEF URLs?

Use real user name?

Show a Shortened Filename

Redirect after download?

Use Tabs in the download details view?







Tab title: (1)

Tab title: (2)

Tab title: (3)

Automatically truncate the Short Description view?

Maximum number of characters to be shown:

Activate ratings?

Limit ability to rate a Download to Registered users only?






Checkbox Text:

Number of entries per categories page:

Number of entries per downloads page:

Categories sort order:




Downloads sort order:





Support JComments?

View numbers of comments?


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