Using Permission Reset Tools

Illustrates how the Reset Permissions tools work.
The Joomla! permissions are very comprehensive but for the first few times they are often confusing. The basic use of the Permission Reset tools is to get back to a known state. 

Very briefly the granting of Permissions starts at what are referred to as the Component Permissions.  These permissions will in general pass down by inheritance to the top level Categories, then to their sub categories and so on until they finally arrive at the Downloads.

There are two tools, one for all levels of categories and their subcategories and the other is for all the Downloads.

The Downloads permission reset tool simply goes through all the Downloads; the Categories Reset Tool goes through all the Categories.  Each tool sets all of the permissions to Inherited for every User Group except for the Super User group. Basically all the permissions for all User Groups are set to 'inherited.

However neither tool changes the Component permissions

The default component permissions setup when jDownloads is installed is shown opposite.  Similarly at installation the default permission for all Categories and for all Downloads is 'Inherited' for all user groups except the Super User group. 

As well as permission inheritance from Component to categories to Downloads there is also permission inheritance starting at the Public User Group going down through all the other User Groups, except of course for the Super User Group.  That is the Public user Group is the great-great-...-great grandfather of all the user groups, again except for the Super User group where everything is always allowed!

One can access the Component Permissions from the Options button on the jD Control Panel page.

Usually when there is a Permissions "challenge" is helpful to also 'reset' the Component level Download Permission of every User Group to Inerited as well.  This has to be done 'manually' for each user group After doing that then no one except Super Users can Download.  So the permissions are now in a safe and known state.


Basically that is all there is to it.  However the following notes give some examples of what happens.

This article uses the Public user group of a category as an example.  Treatment of Downloads is the same as for Categories.

The default status for the Public Group of the selected category in this example is as shown opposite. 

The permissions were ultimately derived from the Public permissions set in the Component permissions. 
And the picture opposite shows the default permissions for the Registered Group of this category. reset00A

Now let us change the Public group permisions of the category so that Editting is set to Denied and Download is purposefully set to Allowed.

The picture opposite is shown after Saving.
Setting the Public user group of that category to Denied causes subsequent permission changes to the Registered user group.  Note that the Edit Permission is also 'Not Allowed (Locked)'.

It will also affect the Author, the Editor and following user groups permissions as the Public Group is the Parent of the Registered group.

The Author user group is affected because the Public user group is the Grandfather.  And so on down the User Group chain.

Because it is a category it will also affect all its subcategories and all the Downloads in those categories and sub categories!

Now suppose we use the  reset03 tool.

Looking at the Permissions again the Public Group permission become as shown opposite, that is all the permissions have all been reset to Inherited.
A message such as reset03A will be shown. 
The effect on the Registered group is as shown opposite.

Everything is back to normal.


ColinM September 2019

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