Introduction to User Group Settings

An introduction to using the j2-5 and j3-2 series User Group Settings

Controlled Access to Categories and Downloads (Permissions & Access Levels)

Various examples of Permissions and View Access Levels applied to Categories and Downloads. Revised

Rapidly setting View Access Levels of multiple Categories and Downloads

Uses the Batch mode to set either multiple Categories or multiple Downloads

Using Permission Reset Tools

Illustrates how the Reset Permissions tools work.

How to Create a Private Category

A very simple introductory example with a Category, its Downloads, and a menu item that can only be seen by specific users.

Accented characters, utf-8, folder and file names

Content is multi-lingual but what about folder and file names?

Permissions problems after migration to new series

Sometimes the ACL permissions do not seem to be working after migration from 1.9 series.  This may also occur if you need to re-install.