Modules and Plugins

Notes on some jDownloads Modules and Plugins

Brief Overview of the jDownloads Modules

This gives a brief overview of each jDownloads module with some tips.

Overview and Installation notes for jDownloads Plugins

There are two classes of Plugins available with jDownloads:

  • the 'Principle' plugins that are part of jDownloads;
  • the optional 'Integration' plugins.

Hiding Information from Selected User Classes

Sometimes situations arrive where one needs to show content to some users but not to others. Perhaps say Public users might see different text to that shown to logged in users.  Maybe different User Groups need to see different information.

Tree Module

Navigation in a graphical tree form

Related Module

What are and how to show Related Downloads

System Plugin supports Cache Control for Forms

Avoiding problems when Joomla! caching is enabled.

View Limits Module

Shows Logged On users their download limits. (available from jDownloads 3.2.53 and higher)

Showing Modules in Tabs

Maximise information. Save space. Show all in Tabs!

Admin Stats Module

Shows jD info on Admin Control Panel