Private Data for Individual Users

 The scheme outlined here allows individual users to have access to their own private downloads.  It also allows a user to create their own Downloads from the front end.  Similarly the admin team may also create Downloads that are private to a specific user.

Users will only be able to see and download their own Downloads.  The scheme makes use of Joomla! permissions and view access levels.

The framework is very simple with just one Category, one User Group and one view Access level together with two menu items, one to view the Downloads and the other to create new or edit existing Downloads.

After setting up the framework the only action required by admin is to allocate a new user to the correct User Group (UG).

The first step is creating a User Group, which is called in this example PrivateUG.  Use Registered as the parent to avoid unnecessary permissions with other UGs such as Autor, Editor and so on.  This is shown as the first picture opposite.

The second step is to create the view Access level which is called here PrivateView. Its only member is PrivateUG as shown in the second picture opposite.

 private area 01private area 02A

The next step is to create a suitable Category which will be called Private Data in this example.  This is simplest to handle if it is a top level category, so leave the Parent Category field as shown in the first picture opposite.

Note that the Access is set to PrivateView so that only members of the PrivateUG will see the entries.

We now need to set the permissions. These are only changed for user group PrivateUG.   Set Create, Edit Own and Download to 'Allowed' as shown in the second picture opposite. You could also set Delete to Allowed if you want to allow the users to be able to Delete their Download completely. For additional security do NOT give Edit permission.

After Saving the the permissions for the PrivateUG should look like those in the third picture opposite

 private area 04Aprivate area 04Bprivate area 04C

 The next step is setting up two menu items.  One to view and download, and the other to upload and create new Downloads.

The menu item is called in this example My Downloads and is of type List All Downloads. This appears strange as it will seeminigly allow all users in the PrivateUG see everyones Download!

But the Odering field, as shown in the second picture opposite, is set to My Downloads.  This is a special case in jD that instructs the menu to only show those Downloads that are 'owned' by the current user, that is by the user who has been set as the Creator.  It is of course the elemnt that makes the scheme function neatly

Also set the Access field to PrivateView so only members of the PrivateUG can see the menu item, and of course Publish the item.

It is also probably useful to use the 'List Layouts' tab to allow the user to set Tags so that the user can effectively group their Downloads into appropriate collections, and also to set the sort order to say 'Title Alphabetical'.

 private area 03Aprivate area 03B

 The Next menu item is the ability to Upload from the Front End.  This may not be needed as in some cases the Downloads are created by the Admin team in the backend.  The only aspect the Admin people have to observe is that they set the correct user in the Creater field.

For the Front End Uploader we select a menu item type of 'Create Download' with a title such as 'Creat/Edit My Downloads'

The View Access is set as before to PrivateView.

Then select the Options tab and set the Category to the private download category, in this example that is Private Data.

 private area 03C

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