The settings in the configuration Monitoring TAB

Note: examples of the monitoring reports are shown at the end of this article.

Download directory monitoring?

  • If this option is selected, all directories are checked for modifications and the database is automatically updated. Therefore directories and files loaded by ftp on the server are added automatically as new data records in the category and Download tables. If categories or Download files are not any longer found, then the related entries are set as: Not published
  • Standard setting: YES
  • Note: When you have many files (> 1000), it is recommended to set this option off. You can run the monitoring script manually in the control panel.

Monitor all filetypes?

  • If this option is activated, all file types are monitored. Otherwise only the file types in the next field are used

Monitor only the following file types

  • If this option is activated, only the file types mentioned here are monitored. Values must be separated by commas (,)

Automatically publish downloads?

  • If you have activated monitoring and if you have set 'Automatically Publish Downloads' to Yes then newly discovered files (and folders) are published immediately.
  • Standard setting: NO

 Default Downloads description

  • Allows you to define a general description for automatically created new Downloads.
  • If you are using multiple languages then you need to include a description for each of the languages. For example if you wished to use the phrase 'Automatically assigned description' for English, French and German then for example insert
    {en-GB}Automatically assigned description{/en-GB} {fr-FR}Description automatique par defaut{/fr-FR} {de-DE}automatische Standardbeschreibung{/de-DE

Here a example from the monitoring process  when it is started manually from the jDownloads Control Panel.

doc config tab monitoring

Here a example from the monitoring process when the script is automatically started. The script has found here a new folder and four new files. Appropriate entries are added into the jDownloads database.

doc config tab monitoring2


Colin Mercer April 2015 - based on original jD1.9 version

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