Using the jDownloads Community Builder plugin

jDownloads has a Plugin designed specifically to work with the Community Builder component.  This article shows how to use the jDownloads CB plugin to integrate the ability to access Downloads from within Community Builder.  Because Community Builder is, as is obvious from its name, aimed at forming communities then the jDownloads plugin will show Downloads based upon who created the Download.

Here it is assumed that you have already successfully installed Comunity Builder and used the Community Bulder plugin Installer as noted below in the Installation section.  Do not use the regular Joomla! installer as this plugin is CB specific.

First we will illustrate the use.

Please note that you should address any operational aspect of Community Biulder to its authors as we have very little experience of actually using Community Builder in practice.

The typical result of logging on to Community Builder and then

looking at your profile could be like that opposite.

Of course after some use the number of Articles, Blogs and so on would rise.

cb plugin 08

After installing the jDownloads Community Builder plugin as decribed below then the view might be as opposite.

Note now there is now a Downloads tab. These are Downloads that you have created.

cb plugin 06A
If you click on the Downloads tab it will list your Downloads cb plugin 08B

But suppose you have created no Downloads and click on the Downloads tab,

then you would get the 'You have no Downloads' message as shown opposite.

cb plugin 05


Obviously the first step is to get the jDownloads CB plugin.  This is in the Special Extensions category of the jDownloads site, under Downloads.  So download and save in a suitable location on your PC.

Note that this extension, which is called 'Community Builder Plugin for jDownloads', has to be installed using the Community Builder Plugin manager as described below.


So in the backend goto Components - Community Builder - Plugin Management. 

This brings up the relevant page.  Click on the green 'Install CB Plugin' button.

cb plugin 01A

Go directly to the Upload package tab,

then Browse for the jDownloads CB plugin on your PC

and finally click on the Upload & install button.

cb plugin 02A
This should bring up the Success message such as shown opposite. cb plugin 03

Close the Plugin Install page which will return youto the main CB Plugin Management page.

Scroll down and you should find the Cb jDownloads plugin.  Note that it is NOT published!

So remember to Publish.

cb plugin 04

Colin Mercer 4th December, 2015

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