Customising the way Downloads are listed in different Categories

For example one category could list Downloads by date but another Category could list them in alphabetical order.

It is sometimes desirable to independently configure the way in which the Downloads in a Category are listed on a page.  The overall display of an individual Download entry is still controlled by the active Files Layout.

These include:

The display of an individual Download entry is still controlled by the active Files Layout but the order is selectable as are the other attributtes shown above.

By default the way Downloads are listed on a Category page is set in the main jDownloads Configuration Frontend tab. This article shows how to customise the way Downloads maybe listed in a particular Category. As an example this article shows how to select the default ordering of the Downloads in choosen categories.

The way this is achieved is to use several 'Single Category' Menu Item types in a Hidden Menu.  Only those Categories that you  have different listing to the default need to be put in the hidden menu.  Actually of course the Single Category menu items could also appear in a visible menu or as a mixture in visible and hidden menus.  But for simplicity it is assummed here that only a Hidden Menu will be used.

Create a Hidden Menu.

First we create the new Menu.  This is actually simpler than creating a regular menu.

As illustrated opposite just go to Menus - Manage - Add New Menu


This will bring up a blank mernu creation form.

Fill in the Title and a Menu Type fields as appropriate and then Save & Close.


We now have the new menu so the next step is to populate it with relevant Menu Items.

Notice that the new Menu has a note saying "Add a module for this item" but because the menu is to be hidden we will not be adding a module.

That is we have now created a hidden menu.


Adding Menu Items



Clicking on your Hidden menu, which in this example is called 'jD Hidden menu group', will show a page like the one opposite.

So click on the New button to create a new item for this menu.


The next screen is the form for the details of the Menu Item.


Here I usually find it better to Select the Menu Item Type first.

Clicking on the Select shows the available categories, so choose  jDownloads.

This will then extend the list and  show those menu item types specific to jDownloads as illustrated in the picture below.

Click on the Single Category type as indicated opposite.    separate04
Next choose the Category that is to have specific characteristics when its Downloads are shown.    separate05

After choosing the category ensure you fill in the Menu Title field. 

For convenience it is often helful, but not essential, to use the category name for the menu item title.  Using the same or a similar name that indicates which category is being 'customised' is very usefull.  Sometimes such as when a category name is a year, like 2017 for example, then adding in the parent category name would be needed.


Customising the Category



 To customise the attributes for the category then select the Lists Layouts tab as illustrated opposite.

This shows a variety of ways in which the attributes may selected specific to this category.

This example just shows how to select a specific sort order for the Downloads in the category but there are many other possible options that override the defaults set in the jDownloads Configuration.



Just repeat the sequence of adding Single Category menu items in the hidden menu and set the specific List Layouts as desired for each 'non standard' set of attributes.

Clearly setting the jDownload Configuration attributes to the most common required minimises the number of hidden menu items.






The image opposite shows the menu example when three categories have had specific settings applied. 

It just looks like any other set of menu items.

 Similarly the list of menus is normal except that the hidden menu has no module associated with it    separate10
Illustrative Examples    
  separate13  separate11

Colin Mercer May 2017