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Select from 57 languages.
jDownloads uses Google translate to show the documentation in any of 57 languages.  Activating the required translation is very simple.
This article is identical to the one in 3.9 documentation
The jDownloads documentation 'home page, , is shown opposite.

At the top right of the page, as indicated by the arrow, there is a Translate pull down list, as shown below, where you can select the required language.


Suppose in this example we use French.

After selecting the language there is a short delay and then the screen changes to the selected language as illustrated opposite.

The "index" is shown in the choosen language.

The text of each article is also translated, but of course the pictures remain unchanged.
If you have selected a translation then at the top of the page you will see some "translation controls". Translate07

By clicking on the pull down arrow head you can change the language.
More usefully one can click on the "Show Original" button to look at the original English in case there is some uncertainty about the translation.Translate07

And then switch back to the translated version.

ColinM November 2019

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