Using jDownloads Search

The search plugin is very simple to configure and use.  It is automatically installed when the jDownloads Component is installed.

There are only two parameters of any significance, one is the Access Level, and the other is the maximum search depth.  The defaults are usually sufficient.

It is of course essential to enable (publish) the plugin.


 Searching is initiated from the Front End by clicking on the search icon Search01A


Search offers three criteria on how the search keywords are to be used:

  1. the search must find those downloads with all the specified words;
  2. find those downloads with any of the words;
  3. it only finds those downloads with an exact match to the entire phrase.

The search 'region' may be any combination of:

  1. the Download title;
  2. in either the Short or Long Descriptions;
  3. in the Changelog;
  4. the Author's name; 
  5. the Meta-Tags.

For example if the search words were 'adams sonata' then this could be a search for Sonata For Trumpet And Piano by Prof. Byron Adams where 'sonata'  is in the title and 'adams' is in the Author field.  Note that the search key words are case insensitive.

There is also a selection of the order in which the results are to be presented.



When searching jDownloads will report how many Downloads meet the search criteria.  If for instace a particular word is found multiple times in the same Download it only counts as one in the total.

In the example below there were two matching downloads.  The view on the left is the 'summary' whilst the view on the right is the list appended to the search.  Clicking on the names, in blue if using the default search template, will take the user to the specific download as described later.

 Search04  Search06A

Using the same search when logged in produces more results.  This is because some downloads are visible for everyone, that is they have an Access Level of Public.  Others have a different Access Level so those user groups will see those with their restricted Access Level as well of all of those oif other user groups to which they have an implied membership.  Everyone belongs to the Public User Group.



 Each Download title becomes a link, either directly or indirectly, to the Download.  What hapens depends on Configuration settings

  • "View Download detail page?" in FrontEnd tab;
  • "Activate direct-downloading?" in Downloads tab.

if "View Download detail page?" = Yes : link goes to details page
if "View Download detail page?" = No: then
  1. if "Activate direct-downloading?" = No: link goes to the Downloads 'summary' page (not the Downloads details page) so user can start manually the download process;
  2. if "Activate direct-downloading?" = Yes: link starts directly the download process.

Note: The summary page is always shown, eitherdirectly or after showing the Detail page, when a user has to supply information on one or more of the following:

  1. agree to a license;
  2. respond to a Captcha;
  3. supply a password.

The only other exception is if the Download does not have a file to download then it uses the Details Layout and shows the message "This is only a simple document without a file." in place of the Download button.



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