Upgrading Standard Layouts

Upgrading Standard Layouts

To allow all users to upgrade to the latest standard layouts.

New responsive layouts were added in jD version 3.2.42.  Obviously new installations always get the latest versions of the standard layouts.  However when upgrading from version to version if these standard layouts are present they are not changed.  This is in case users have modified the existing standard layouts rather than following the recommendation to make a copy and edit that copy. Of course if a completely new standard layout is included in the update then they will be included.  Some examples showing the different situations are included at the end of this note.

Since the jD version 3.2.42 several minor enhancements have been made to some of these standard layouts, typically better alignment.  However because of the way jDownloads has to be careful about overwriting existing layouts, this means that users who upgraded from jD 3.2.42 or who made a fresh install before 3.2.46 and subsequently upgraded do not have the latest improved standard layouts. The purpose of this note is to address that aspect.

From jD 3.2.46 is is possible to import layouts so an upgrade set has been put together to allow relevant users to upgrade their standard responsive layouts to the latest level. Four of the standard layouts have been upgraded and only these are in the Upgrade Set.

  • Standard Categories Layout v3.2 ;   
  • Standard Categories Layout for paginated Subcategories 3.2 ;   
  • Standard Category Layout v3.2 ;
  • Standard Files Layout v3.2

 If you have directly edited one of these standard v32 layout then you should make a copy before you upgrade.  

The link to the Upgrade Set is Upgrade Standard Layouts  This is part of the Layouts Library which offers many optional extra layouts.

update from 3.2.40 to 3.2.46:
- user has both the older table based layouts and the newer ones as they were at that time.

update from 3.2.45 to 3.2.46 when 3.2.45 was the first installation:
- user only has the responsive layouts from 3.2.45

new installation from 3.2.46:
- user only has the responsive layouts from 3.2.46

 ColinM 10 October 2016

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