Admin Stats Module

Shows jD info on Admin Control Panel

The picture shown opposite is how the jDownloads Admin Stats module will appear on the System Control Panel.

It has a set of tabs which will show:

  • Latest Downloads
  • Popular Downloads
  • Featured Downloads
  • Most Rated Downloads
  • Top Rated Downloads
  • Statistics


It may be configured to show in the System - Control Panel as noted in the following.


    1. Go to Extensions and select Modules.   adminstats02

    2. Then select the Administrator modules

    3. Now click on "jDownloads admin stats"


On the lefthand side you may select which tabs are to be shown and how many Downloads will appear in the relevant tabs.



 On the Righthand side

  1. Ensure you select 'cpanel' from the Active part of the Position pull down list.
  2. Select status as Published.
  3. Set Access to Special or another appropriate view Access level- this is only necessary if there are various users with access to the admin interface.
  4. Finally 'Save and Close'.
 ColinM August 2016  


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