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This article and its companion on creating a Category in Backend are intended for first time users.

To avoid repetition, it is assumed here that you have already read the article Create a Category in Backend (opens in a new window/tab).

A Download consists of many parts, and as would be expected usually contains a downloadable file.

Downloads have have a Title, a symbol such as PDF indicating type of file. It may also have a description, various images, audio and video Downloads may have a preview, one can attach a license, and many, many other items. The actual downloadable file is usually associaed directly withe the Download but it may linked from another Download or an external location or with a service like Google Share.

Select the jDownloads Component

After logging into your Joomla! as an administrator, you are taken to the Joomla! Control Panel.

Next select the Components pulldown as indicated opposite.create download02

This will show a view like the nearest image to the right so click on  jDownloads.

This in turn will bring up a view of the main jDownloads 'sections' as shown on the far right.

So now select Downloads as indicated.
create download03create download04

Adding a Download

As this is our first Download there will be no Downloads listed!

So click on thebutton new button to start creating the new Download.

This will open the Add Download view General tab.
create download20

General tab

On this 'General' tab the minimum requirements are to:

1. ensure Published;
2. select the desired Category;
3. add a title.

There are several opional fields such as setting the Access, Adding tags, selecting a license, setting the language for multilingual sites, and so on.
create download05

Files Data tab

The next step is to click on the Files Data tab as this is where we are able to add a downloadable file.

There are many ways of associating a file with a Download.

Here we will use the most common method which is to upload a file from your device.

So click on the Browse button.
create download06
This will open 'explorer' window in your PC or other device.

So select the file you wish to include with the Download and click on the Open button or its equivalent.
create download07

The file will then be uploaded and stored in the relevant directory.

create download08

After clicking on the button save button the view will be as shown opposite.

Appropriate information will have been stored in the database to join the Download information together.
create download09

If you now go back to look at the Downloads again then the view will be something like that shown opposite.create download10
Colin M  April 2022

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