Menus and Cassiopeia Positions-{V4}


When upgrading from Joomla 3 to joomla 4 the menu positions are not always consistent.
Somtimes in the earlier versions menus were located at Position 7
The first part of of the Cassiopeia position are shown opposite.
Note the location of position 'menu'.

In Joomla! 3 the Main Menu might have been as say 'position 7'.  So the menu might not be showing after the upgrade to Joomla 4 as 'position 7' is not defind.

See Notes later about changing the positionfor the main menu

Cassiopeia posn 01
Many positions are shown opposite.
This example is for a multi language site. There are 4 'front end' languages: Arabic; German; French and English.

Note the misspelt Main Menu En as 'Mani Memu EN'
Cassiopeia posn 01A
Final set of frontend positions in Cassiopeia is shown opposite.Cassiopeia posn 03

Changing Menu Position

In Content from the admin menu select 'Site Menus' as indicatedmenu01
Set the Search Field to Main Menu.

This will show a view such as opposite. 

Note that the Position is position 7.
Use the Position pulldown as shown in the first image on the right.

Then select your target position for the Menu Module, which in this example is Sidebar-right.
The Main Menu will now appear in 'sidebar-right' position.

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