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The objective of this menu item is to show a logged on User which downloadable files they have downloaded.

The picture opposite is a typical download history for the current logged on user as would appear in the main component area.

In this example it was set to show 5 entries/page.
hist module 00
It shows the Title of the Download in bold followed, in parentheses, by the actual file name and then,on the righthand side, the date the download occured.

History Menu Item

To see the Download History we create a new menu item in a menu of our choice. In this example it is in the Main Menu.

Go to Menus and  select New.

Then in the Menu Item Type choose the jDownloads option.

Next select the List My Download History item.

hist module 01

As shown opposite give the Menu Item a Title, ensure it is Published.

Please note as it is only possible to track logged on users then set Access to Registered.

This menu item will only be seen by logged on users, so setting its Acees to Registered aviods frustration for Public or Guest users.

If you do leave it as Public Access the jDownloads will redirect to a logon page.
hist module 02A
The jD specific setup fields are on the 'List Layouts' page.

As shown opposite you can select:

1. the Download order;

2. whether or not to show Pagination;

3. the results of the pagination (show page numbers);

4. number of Downloads per page.
hist module 03

Colin M, September 2020

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