jDownloads Documentation Centre

Welcome to the jDownloads Documentation Centre.

You will find additional help about jDownloads at this site.  Documentation is in two forms: classical documents and video tutorials.  Just click on the relevant menu item to view.  Note at present all the videos relate to the older 1.9 series

At the present time there are four sections in the Documentation section:

  • jDownloads v32 series
  • jDownloads v25 series
  • the older j1.9 and earlier series
  • plugins

There are many documents of course for the older 1.9 series but content is a little sparser, but growing, in the other sections as all our efforts are with releasing the new 2.5 and 3.x series of jDownloads. We will gradually add information.  Of course if you have some documentation examples or suggestions, or would like to help then please contact us through the forum.

It is planned to include a source directory with all existing extensions for jDownloads. Subsequently we plan to add the possibility for visitors to submit new source extensions and similar.

The Download Area, the Forum and others are on the jDownloads mainsite www.jDownloads.com.

What is jDownloads?

jDownload trans

jDownloads is an extensive Download Manager for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. It is a free GPL Extension with many special functions! Makes your downloads management easy!