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When unfamiliar with a process it is often useful to be able to have a hard copy of the relevant article.
Because Joomla 4 and above no longer support article printing, this short note advises on how to print in a reasonable format. Using Ctrl-P by itself is not sufficient!

Use the browser 'Print Friendly & PDF' extension

Print Friendly & PDF is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
After installing or activating you can show an icon such as edge00 on the browser toolbar.
One of the many advantages of 'Use Print Friendly & PDF' is that it does not include any adverts in the printed copy. It also excludes other Joomla modules that maybe showing in side bars.


First, load the webpage you want to print and scroll down to the bottom. The purpose here is to load all of the article content and the images.

Next Click on the edge00 icon in the toolbar.  his shows the Print Friendly & PDF tool bar, so click on Print and select your Printer.  When Printing is completed then use the Close.
print control

When printing complete click on the X at the bottom of the tool bar. This returns you to the article.
ColinM December 2023

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