Upgrade to Joomla 5


Upgrading to Joomla5 is claimed to be an update. This is true if all the existing extensions (Components, Mouldules and Plugins) are compliant! By using the Joomla Next update method then these extensions will be checked. It will also check that your PHP level and Database version meet the minimum standards.  These are:
PHP version 8.1.0, recommended 8.2;
Databases: either MySQLversion: minimum 8.0.13, recommended 8.1 OR MariaDB: minimum 10.4.0, recomended  11.1.0.

Setting to Joomla Next

The first step is to click on  system button. Then in the Updates section, click on the update Sites button button.  Next Click on the Rebuild button button. This resets the abilty to use the Joomla Next option.

So again click on the update02 button.
This gets us to the 'Update Next' channelselect joomla next
So click yet again in the update02 panel.  Then in the update section section click on Joomla button

This brings up the 'Check if an update is available' panel as shown opposite.
So click on 'Check for Update'.

check update available

This gives another 'Check for Updates' but with 'Conliguration Saved'.  No action is required here as the view includes the actual Update Check.J5update01AA

Update Check

The Pre-Update Check is shown below. Because it is a long image it is shown in several sections.
(1) Automatic Backups
(2) Preupdate check Header

Note the following views are selected as required from the Pre-Update Check panel.
(3) Required Settings
(4) Recomended Settings
(5) Extensions Check
Pre update check

Enable Automatic Backups

Ensure you enable Automatic Backups.

Whilst not essential it is unwise to omit.


Available Pre-Option Checks

The options in the pre-update check are:

  Required Settings

  Recommended Setting

  Extensions Check


Required Settings

The Required Settings are shown opposite.

All are required to be set to Yes.

Recommended Settings

These settings are only recommended and in general it is to comply.

But it is not essential.  Personally I find it useful to leave 'Display Errors' on.

Extensions Check

The checks indicate a potential problem with the jDownloads Plugin.

But actually there is No Problem.  It is the way the plugin is coded

Clicking on More Information essentially repeats the message.J5update06

Click on the Acknowledge button as indicated.

This gives yet another 'Are you Sure' message.
After clicking the OK then the J5update09 button become 'alive' so click on it.  This then shows an image such as oppoite.  Click on the Start update. J5update10

Progess is shown as illustrated opposite.

And finally we are at Joomla 5.

Colin M January 2024

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