Install a jDownloads Language Pack


Adding another language to jDownloads is a straight forward operation.
This article does not cover creating a new multilingual site or converting an existing 'single language' site to a multilingual site.
To make a  multilingual site please see the article Multilingual support (opens in a new tab/window).

In this article we will use loading the specific French language pack for jDownloads.

Install the Joomla! language

The first step however is to ensure that the relevant Joomla! language pack has been installed.

This is essential as otherwise Joomla! will not 'find' the non-core language packs!

So select Extensions - Manage - Install Languages.
install joomla lang01
This will open up a long list of all the available Joomla! languages for the Joomla! Administrator and the Joomla! Content views as shown opposite.
So select the desired language, French in this case, and click on the install joomla lang06 button.
install joomla lang02

Check Installed

Now click again on Extensions and select Languages.
install joomla lang03

Then select Installed and, as shown opposite, you should find that the selected language is now installed for Joomla! itself.
install joomla lang04

Enable Content Languages

The last step is to Enable the Content Languages so click on Extensions - Language(s) and select Content Languages.
install joomla lang07

Then, as illustrated opposite, click on the Status to enable the content language.
install joomla lang05

Install jD Language Pack

First please note that installing a language for jDownloads, or any other non core component,  does not use the Install Languages in the Extensions Manager.

That is just for installing languages for Joomla! itself.

Basically the process is to download the appropriate jDownloads language pack and then install as if it were a regular extension.

lang install 01

Find jD Translation

The first step is to go to the jDownloads documentation site (opens in a new tab/window) and then click on the Translations menu item as illustrated below.
install joomla lang06A

This will show the choice of selecting either the jDownloads 3.2 or 3.9 languages as shown opposite.

Obviously click on the appropriate  lang install 04 button.
lang install 03
The next view is illustrated opposite.

Just scroll down to find the required language and click on the Title of the required language.
lang install 05
Each language pack is a zip file with about 50 language files in it. These are for the different component, modules and plugins that form jDownloads.  We are very gratefull to the volunteer translators from all over the world for these translations.

It is possible that some translations will be incomplete. What happens is that if a particular language string is missing then it uses the corresponding one from the English language pack.  From time to time you should recheck the jDownloads language files to see if they have been updated.
NB  If you are familar with English as well as your native language you might like to join, or even create, a language team to help finish.  Initially please contact us through the Forum.

After selecting the required language, you will then see an article similar to this one followed by a 'bar' indicating how much of each individual part has been translated as indicated opposite.

lang install 06

Download jD language

Scroll down to the lang install 07A button near the bottom of the page.
After clicking on the lang install 07 button, you will be able to Save the zip file on your device in a suitable folder. Install-Lang01E

Install jD language

The downloaded language pack is self installing.

So use the normal Install as you would for any extension as indicated opposite. Do NOT use the 'Install Languages'

Use the upload package tab, not the upload from web, locate the downloaded language file and load into the upload area.  The installation starts as usual.

You now have the specific jDownloads language files in place.
lang install 08

The language files for the jD component, modules and plugins are then installed in the administrator/language/ files.

These are organised by the language codes so for example the French language file for the component would be in
administrator/language/fr-FR/fr-FR.com_jdownloads.ini and for say the Top Module as fr-FR.mod_jdownloads_top.ini

ColinM 28 September 2019, modified August 2020

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