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This tab is all about protecting your jDownloads items.  You should also check your website contol panel as this often has extensive security checking capabilities.

Protect Directory

The Default setting for option 'Protect your Download Directory' is No.

If it is set to Yes, a special jD htaccess.txt file is copied to the Downloads root-directory, normally jdownloads, and renamed as .htaccess.

This enables protection so that all external file and subdirectory accesses are blocked.

The contents of the file are shown opposite.
security protect01security protect02
If susequently you reset 'Protect your Download Directory' to No then the .htaccess file is removed

Hot Linking

Hot Linking is where someone links to an image, a video, a document or similar on your site so that it uses your bandwidth.  It is sometimes used as a cyber attack to exhaust your bandwidth.

The default setting for option 'Activate Hotlinking Protection' is No..

It is obviously activated by selecting Yes.

The option 'Websites allowed to Hotlink' allows you to add permited sites.
security hotlink01
An example of the required format is, where multiple addresses are separated by a comma (,).

Referrer Blocking

When option 'Block with no Referrer' is set to Yes then a check is made before downloading to see if the requesting website has given its address.

security referer01
If this information has not been sent then jDownloads does not know the requester's web address.

Consequently as the requester is deliberately hiding their location then activating this option prevents any downloading.

e-mail Concealing

If option 'E-Mail Address concealing' is set to Yes, the e-mail addresses will be cloaked by JaveScript in order to thwart email01
Remember to enable JavaScript in your browser.

IP Blocking

Another form of a 'denial of service' attack is to continuous ly make requests upon your site.

The default setting for 'Activate IP Blocking' is No.

If you set it to yes then an option panel 'Blocked IP Addresses' opens.

security IPl01security IPl02
The form of an IPV4 IP address is four groups of digits in the range 0 to 255 where each group is separated by a full stop character.  For example which is also known as 'dotted decimal format'.

If you need to restrict more than address then enter each IP address on a separate line.

ColinM June 2020

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