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jDownloads supports emails in four areas as shown below.

They are for actions carried out in the Front End.
  • When a Download is downloaded;
  • When new Downloads are created;
  • Reporting a Download;
  • Inquiry ('customers') email form.
For any of the emails to work it is essential to configure the Joomla! Mail Setting in Global Configuration - Server tab as described below.

Joomla! email setup

The Joomla! email setup is quite simple.

Basically just fill in the form in the Joomla! Global Configuration - Server tab - Mail Settings section.

In the example settings opposite the actual email addresses used are of course fictitious!

If you click on the email joomla 03button then you will see a success message such as below:
email joomla 02 The text of the email will be something like:

"This is a test mail sent using "PHP Mail". Your email settings are correct!"

email joomla 01

If the email settings are not correct you will get messages like email joomla 04 or email joomla 05.
It maybe you have given an invalid email address but it may a more fundamental problem in which case you should seek help from the Joomla! Forum.

If you are using a test site based upon XAMPP then see Configure XAMPP emails (opens in new page/tab) for information on setting up the email server.


There are four different email types that may be set up:
  1. for each time a Download occurs;
  2. for each time an a new Download is created;
  3. when Reporting a Download;
  4. response to Customer Inquiry form;
Each type has the ability to set the Subject, specify the Email Address and to define the message Layout.

The general structure of all email types is the same so most details are given in the Downloads notification email section.  It is suggested that if you intend to use any of the emails then you first setup the 'Downloads' one and ensure that is operational so that checks the basic functionality.  It is simple to disable an email type.

The Download and Upload emails may be activated and have a choice of using HTML in the message part so that they are available to all users.

Note that  'Reporting a Download' and the 'Inquiry Form' emails require extra settings as specified in the User Groups - Settings tab for those user groups that will make use of these type of email before they will function.

email Configuration for Downloads

When the E-Mails tab in the jD Options is opened, the email configuration for notification of a Download is like the image opposite.

email config downloads0
Click on the Yes to reveal the options as shown below.
The form as shown opposite allows setting the relevant options.

Obviously the 'Activate E-Mail' must be set to Yes, and usually the  option 'Use HTML-formatting' is also set to Yes.

The Subject option is whatever you wish to use as the subject of the E-Mail.

Enter the email addresses of the people who are to be notified.  If you have a large number of people then it is better to setup  an email list in your website Cpanel or equivalent.
email config downloads

Option 'E-Mail Layout' shows the structure and content of the email body.

Note the use of the special place holders.

email download02
For multilingual sites the entire message block, that is the E-Mail Layout section, may be enclosed in language placeholders such as
{en-GB}...{/en-GB} for English and then a translated version in say German by using {de-DE}...{/de-DE}.

An example email sent is like the one opposite.

In this example it was when using a 'checkbox' layout where multiple files are sent in a single zip file.  The email identifies the details of the idividual files.
email download msg

email Configuration for Uploads (new Downloads)

The setup for emails when a new file is uploaded to create a new Download in the Front End is very similar to the Downloads Configuration
email config downloads

An example upload report is shown opposite.
email upload05

email Configuration for Reporting a Download

To activate this option you need to ensure that the User Groups setting 'Group Settings' tab - option "Show 'Report Download' link" is set to reporting01A

If you intend  to use this email type it is advised that that this is set for one or more "trusted" user groups.  Setting it to used by the Public or Guest user groups would most unwise!

The ability to show the 'Report Link' is included in most Download and Download Details layouts. 

Should need to include then add the placeholder email reporting11 in your layout. 
Typically this is a line such as email reporting10

The setup is of the actual email is very similar to the other casesemail config downloads

email Configuration for Inquiry Form

The Inquiry form enables the gathering of information from a user before they are able to start each download.

As previously ensure you activate the email by setting option 'View Inquiry Form' to Yes.
email inquiry00
The form will be 'required' to be completed if the option "The Inquiry Form must be completed" is set to Yes.
Use the pulldown in "Select the Form Fields" and  click on each item to include in the form shown to the user.

The image shows the Form Field after selecting just Name,Company and email address.
email inquiry00Aemail inquiry00B

The image opposite shows the form with which the user will be presented.

Note that both the user name and email are filled from the user's registration data when the downloader is logged in.
email config downloadsemail inquiry00D

ColinM January 2021 updated March 2022

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